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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Received the first pictures for the Basil Challenge!

Just stopping by quickly...I wanted to let you know that I received the first pictures (of many I hope) of the Basil Bunny Challenge.  I've created a new page at the top of my blog for all the pictures, and I will be adding to it as I get more submissions.  Be sure to comment!  Have a great Friday everyone!

Another sneak peak at my Basil.....


  1. What a cute basil! Hopefully I have mine done soon ~ just have to make the clothes.
    Wendy, I like your new blog design so festive.
    Prim Blessing! Robin

  2. So cute, i can't wait. I love all the photos you have thus far. Amazing the different takes on basil!!

  3. I'm going to start today! I am just so far behind, it seems!! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations out there!

  4. So cute so cute so cute.....Im just waiting for his Nose to be pulled out of the Attic Beam...lol hope to be done Sunday

  5. Wendy...I love it that you are teasing us again! I hopped over to peek at the picks so far and I love it! I especially love how quickly rabbits multiply...thank goodness with SPRING coming that all these Bunnies are...deep sigh...falling in love!


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