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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A couple of pictures to share

I just had to share these pictures with you. My son, Drew, took them today on campus at SUNY Owego on the shore of Lake Ontario.  For those of you who haven't experiences 'lake effect' snow...it develops on the Great Lakes and comes off the lake in bands of very heavy snow, which can last for hours or sometimes longer.  These are the before and after pictures of the same spot on campus.  One was taken around 9:30 this morning and the other in the early afternoon.  What a difference a few hours can make!  The weather in central New York is so interesting.
See the tree...it's just about all you see in this picture

Same spot..there is the tree again and wow..buildings too


  1. Hi Wendy, What a couple of hours can do. Just amazing. Love your new selling blog. Have a great night. Hugs,

  2. those are really neat photos..and I just got the shivers.:)

  3. That is pretty amazing. The power of Mother Nature is not to be messed with! :)

  4. Wow! Amazing pictures!

  5. Looks just like home everytime mother nature decides to slam us with some of her beautifully deceiving Snow Flakes that leave huge piles of unwanted snow.. funny How pretty it looks and how hateful it feels...
    Soon..very soon Spring will foulrish from all this snow fall!

    Stay warm

  6. Hi, Wendy
    Now that's a white out!
    Wow, great pics!
    thanks for sharing, he really captured "Mother Nature"

  7. Those pics are amazing! We have managed to miss the big snowstorms this year, I think we had enough last year. Stay warm and remember, it melts somewhere every day in February.



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