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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunny but -2

Good Monday morning all - It is sunny and bright out this morning, but as the title of my blog says, it is only -2....that is actually an improvement from our low of -8 last night (that according to 'sputnik' - my son's weather station on our roof).  We are in the grips of a bitter cold snap from Canada (thank you very much my Canadian friends) - but at least when it is this cold, the snow stops for a while.

Our son, Drew, got back to college just fine last night, and is settling in for his last semester.  It is lonely around here, but I have much to do, so I know that I will get back into a routine soon.  It's been hard to get much done with all the company we have had, and with Drew being home - I've wanted to spend time doing things other than being alone in my sewing room.  The last couple weeks I have received some goodies in the mail.  I've been planning ahead on projects to keep me busy during these last couple months of winter.

First off, I grabbed some wallpaper from Ebay to fnish off the laundry room I started the redo on around Thanksgiving.  I had painted the cupboards when we got our new red washer and dryer, but with the holidays, that is as far as I got....now hoping to get that completed, so I can move on to other things.

 I also grabbed 16 packages of rusty tin stars for a song on Facebook from Homespun Hugs & Calico Kisses.

I have been interested in needle punch embroidery too, so I picked up a needle to learn that, and also a pattern for some sweet prim bears from Sweet Meadow Farms.

My last purchase was this adorable stitchery from Denise over at KKL Primitives.  Isn't it adorable!  I do love it Denise!

Well dears, I should get moving along, as I do have to work today.  Have a great day!
*Blessings to you all*


  1. so many pretties!
    Can't wait to see the wallpaper & cupboards!
    keep warm!

  2. Hi Wendy, Hope you have a good day at work. Love all the goodies you have got in the mail. I just love to get things in the mail. With your new wallpaper, your laundry room will be awesome. Hope you post pics. Just think, Drews' semester will be over before you know it, and you will have home again. Won't that be great. lotsa hugs, Linda


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