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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yeah, it's Friday!

Well friends, the last sale of the season was TERRIBLE - barely any one showed up...I half expected it to be like that, so I wasn't surprised.  I'm just glad it is over.  I have always done bigger shows than this one...and I couldn't believe what a difference it makes...no more small shows for me. 

Drew is home from college!  YEAH!  I'm so glad he is home and I made his favorite, chicken piccatta, for dinner.  I plan to just concentrate on being a wife and mother for the next month...it will be so nice.  I'll make Christmas cookies and candy, clean my house and keep up with the laundry...can't wait!  LOL
Tonight and tomorrow I plan to  put a  lot of things on my Esty.  I'm having an End of Season Sale.  Followers of my blog and Facebook page can receive a 20% discount if they use the code Jingle13.   The sale starts tomorrow at 5pm.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy being with your family and friends.  God bless you all!

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  1. Isn't it lovely just for a while to just do things which normaly get pushed aside because we are to busy/tired/other wise occupied.


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