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Monday, November 29, 2010

Take a look at this!

This link is for a couple of pictures of a waterfall nearby that we just love to visit.  If you hover on and off of the picture in the link below, you can see that the photographer captured a rock slide.  Look to the upper left for the before and after sections that fell.  http://www.nyfalls.com/taughannock-rock-fall.html


  1. Interesting story. This waterfall almost looks surreal!

  2. My family has hiked here, too! It is a beautiful spot to visit and picnic. Thanks for waking up a nice memory. :)

  3. What a breathtaking view. And the photographer captured an awesome shot of it . . . it feels like you're really there.

  4. Beautiful!
    So relaxing!
    enjoy the day


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