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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ok Ladies...I won't be able to take much more!

Recently you dears have been posting a lot of pictures of sweet little kitties.  Now...I am a real sucker for cats and am presently down to only two....if you all keep posting those furry little sweeties, I'm going to have to break down and head to the SPCA to choose another!  HUGS


  1. I know what you mean Wendy, I have 6 kitties!

  2. Aww....Wendy, I hear a few kitties purring your name right now! LOL! They are the cutest aren't they?


  3. You go right ahead if you are able to. I've currently got seven, which is probably too many, but I too have a soft heart for kitties.

  4. what neck of the woods are you in..my good pal Kady of Stoney hill cabin needs to find her baby boy a wonderful loving home..http://stoneyhillcabin.blogspot.com/
    he is just adorable.;) i wished I lived closer cause I would totally scoop him up;)

  5. This is Frito (the orange cat that belongs to "A Hole in a basket Primitives", if you come over when my Mom isn't home, I'll let you have Shadow. He's been nothing but a pain to me since Mom brought him home; he butts me out of the food dish when I'm eating, he tries to take over my pink princess blankie and whenever I'm trying to take a little nap, I end up being bitten. I have had enough - It's time to go back to a one cat household and I'm that cat. ~Frito.
    P.S. Don't tell Mom I was using the computer again!

  6. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a Christmas kitty or two!???


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