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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Saturday Morning!

We finally decided on a new washer and dryer and I am so excited (yeah..it doesn't take much -lol)  I got even more than I wanted and at a great price - Home Depot is having unbelievable sales right now - nearly 1/2 off!  It came at just the right time too, as my son's dryer quit and they have been hanging things all around the house...so we are waiting right now for him to come over with his truck to get our old one.

After they load it up, we are heading back to their house and then spending the rest of the day antiquing - hope we find lots of goodies!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am so happy you found a great deal!!! Have a fun day antiquing!!

  2. have a wonderful weekend..hope you find lots of goodies.:)

  3. Yes I saw Home Depot was having some awesome
    sales, Did you purchase Front Loader Washing
    Machine, That what We purchase few years ago
    Having a Private Well,these washer save water
    and use a lot less Soap, But you have only use
    HE Brand, Which Tide sells it..
    Enjoy that New Washer...

    Have a enjoyable weekend :-)

  4. Wendy,

    Oh, so what kind did you get? I have to say that I just love my new washer and dryer. It makes doing laundry so much easier...less loads as they hold more! Yeah!

    Have fun treasure hunting.


  5. A new washer & dryer, yay! And I'm sure your son and his family will really appreciate your old one by the sounds of things! Hope you found lots of lovely antique goodies this weekend. Just wanted to let you know that my Christmas swap ornie is on it's way, I've got a tracking number in case we need it but hopefully not! Thanks for a wonderful swap Wendy, your hard work organizing it is much appreciated! Deb


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